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Dress Code Presentation

Here is a presentation we use to communicate what is acceptable and unacceptable according to our dress code.

Scan grocery receipts with Shoparoo (or turn them in the office) to raise money for LakeVille Middle School!

Shoparoo is an app for your phone that allows you to scan grocery receipts to earn points.  The school will receive a donation as points accumulate.

If you use this link to get the app we get bonus points when you sign up. After you install the app, just add LakeVille Middle School as your school to receive the points.  Click here if you want more information.

Also, If you are not able to use the app at this time, we will have a box in the office where you can drop off receipts and we will scan them for the Middle School.  Thanks for your continued support.



Get Your Yearbook

Go to to buy your middle school yearbook.

Upload Photos for the Yearbook!

Click the icon to visit the site.  You can register to upload photos there.  When you create an account, use 5913945 as the passcode for our school.


Middle School on Facebook

Parents and students:  Like us on the LakeVille Middle School Facebook page to receive important updates and news from Ms. Rich.

Mission Statement

We, at LakeVille Middle School, are dedicated to providing a safe and orderly environment in which all students show respect, achieve academic success, and reach their fullest potential through a cooperative effort of staff, students, parents/guardians, and community.

Vision Statement

Our students will be prepared to succeed in the continuously changing world.

Belief Statements

  • All students can achieve with time and support.
  • Staff affects the atmosphere of the building.
  • All students need to prepare to be successful.
  • Staff and parents working together facilitate students' success.
  • Creating a positive atmosphere-builds better character through student involvement and school beautification
  • Community involvement with Sugar Bush promotes unity across generations throughout the district.

School Improvement Goals for 2011/2012 School Year:

  • Written Communication Goal Objectives
  1. LakeVille Middle School students will improve MEAP writing proficiency by 7%.
  2. LMS students will improve writing performance on cross-curricular writing prompts for the four core content areas using rubrics.
  3. Students will improve grammar and usage as evidence in their daily writing.
  • Mathematics Goal Objectives
  1. LMS students will improve MEAP math proficiency by 10%.
  2. LMS students will show at least 70% mastery on classroom assessments.
  • Classroom Climate Goal Objectives
  1. Reduce the number of classroom referrals by 10% as indicated through the School Wide Information System (SWIS) data report
  2. 70% of LMS students will indicate on a survey that they feel safe in school.


Contact Information

Kelli-Ann Rich, Principal

Mary Donnelly, Secretary

11107 Washburn Road
Otisville, MI  48463

Ph: (810) 591-3945
Ph: (810) 538-3945
Fx: (810) 591-6632

School Office Hours
7:00am - 2:30 pm
Monday - Friday

Full Day of School
7:30am - 2:15pm

1/2 Day of School
7:30am - 10:50am